directed by: Marat Parkhomovsky

director: Marat Parkhomovsky
producer: Marat Parkhomovsky, Shiri Lotan
cinematographer: Helen Yanovsky
screenwriter: Marat Parkhomovsky
cast: Yotam Gotal, Meital Ner, Gal Amitai, Naama Preis, Anat Atzmon, Ohad Shachar, Nir Strauss
runtime: 81min
language: Hebrew
Year of Production: 2021
Countries of Production: Israel

 An unexpected crisis shakes the life of Michael and Dana, a married couple that lives in Tel Aviv

Michael and Dana are a married couple that lives an inert life, typical for young people in the big city. An unexpected crisis shakes their world and forces them to make a reckoning of their relationship and life choices. Their story is the story of contemporary Tel Aviv, its people, its voices, its beauty, and its ugliness.

Tel Aviv


Virtual Cinema 12
15/02 / 14:30